Due seminari di Maria Ranieri e Gianna Cappello per il Progetto DETECT UniFI

27 maggio 2021

These open seminars are organised as part of the second Learning, Teaching and Training activity of DETECT project.

Digital Education at the time of Covid-19. Lesson learnt and future
research direction.
(13:00-14:30 CET time)

Speaker: Maria Ranieri, Full Professor of Education, Media and Technology at University of Florence.

This seminar will present the results of an European research study on the impact of Covid19 on the school system. Main topics dealt with will be inclusion, teaching and learning contents and tools, digital and social competences, evaluation and emerging educational approaches. Amongst the perspectives that will be introduced and discussed, headmasters,
teachers, students and parents will be considered. The focus will be on opportunities and challenges to critically tackle the current digital transformation.

The politics and policies of digital citizenship. Common concerns,
shared responsibilities.
(15:00-16:00 CET time)
Speaker: Gianna Cappello, President of MED – Italian Association of Media Education, Associate professor of Digital Media Sociology and Education Sociology at University of Palermo.

This seminar will develop an argument in favour of a multi-stakeholder approach to the construction of digital citizenship through media education. It will first unpack the politics behind the narrow definition of media education policymakers and big tech industries have
increasingly come to share as a way to foster youth’s digital citizenship. Eventually, it will argue for the need to define and put in action a more ambitious definition of media education as part and parcel of a much larger shared responsibility for building youth’s digital citizenship as a collective endeavour for the common good.

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